Relive the moments Co-founder and co-director Whitney Tuna wins her second state championship after her second knee reconstruction in five years!

Whitney Tuna is a female Muay Thai fighter hailing from Perth, Western Australia. She is also the Co-founder and co-director of Champions Gym with clubs in Highgate and Myaree.

Whitney Tuna is a two time state Muay Thai Champion. Hailing from Perth Western Australia, Tuna found Muay Thai after her teenage years of partying, gaining excessive weight and losing confidence.

Since starting Muay Thai nearly ten years ago, Tuna has broken the mould for women being a role model for positive lifestyle, leading by example as not only a women’s health ambassador, but fierce competitor in the ring. She has won the WMC light bantamweight state title and most recently, the ISKA light bantamweight state title defeating Mikyla Baggstrom-Wild.

Despite her battles in the ring facing some of the best in Australia in her quest to become Australian champion, Tuna has suffered two knee reconstructions in the past five years. Through sheer willpower, determination, focus and hunger, she has bounced back to prove she has much more to give to the game that has given her so much. Whitney has defeated emerging stars such as Tia Steinhardt (QLD), Jada Ketley (QLD), Michelle Seivers (WA), Niki King (WA) and Spring Sia (VIC).

Keep an eye out for Whitney Tuna as she looks to solidify herself as one of the best in the country!

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Meet 31 year old music teacher, Ciaran Mullin. Find out why he got started with martial arts and how it helped him transform as a person…

Getting started is always tough… Your insecurities take over – Will I be good enough? Will I fit in? I don’t know anyone? What will the others think of me? Here at Champions Gym, 86% of people who start with us have never done anything like this and we understand that although initially it can be daunting, the fear outweighs the benefits in the long run becoming a member of a club that supports success whether it be health and wellbeing – Fat loss, improvement in muscle tone, stress relief or to learn new skills, develop self defence or to meet new people! Check out the video above and see why the first choice for Muay Thai, Boxing and Strength & Conditioning is Champions Gym with two clubs located in Perth – Highgate and Myaree.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”…

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Ego is a double edged sword – Whilst may compel some to do things to the extraordinary, it can debilitate and cripple especially when it comes to learning…

Today we are going to talk about why ego can be bad and the importance of learning in an ego-free environment, especially when it comes to martial arts like Boxing, Muay Thai and Strength training that is already aggressive enough, not to mention physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding.

So much benefit comes from training one’s self, from self awareness, self defence, mental clarity, strength, fortitude, confidence and discipline to satisfaction, endorphin rush and belonging to a team of likeminded people…

How many times have you heard of someone going to the gym only to see a group of big scary dudes talking loudly, throwing weights and spitting profanities without a care in the world?

Or to walk into a facility with a group of snobby women talking, bitching about everyone and everything that isn’t quite right?

All too common practise and sadly it can be a common occurrence in everyday life.

Let’s talk about why an ego can be bad for your learning…

1) You create unnecessary barriers – To those around us, your peers and coaches.

2) You become competitive – In a bad way – You no longer think about the intended outcome you’re out to prove a point to everyone.

3) You waste most of our energy defending yourself – Being insecure and uncomfortable is no way to live!

4) You don’t think wisely – Rational thought goes out the window and decision making is affected with emotion.

5) You become overcritical – Of yourself and those around you.

6) You stop learning – Creating barriers affects thought processes, wasting energy wasting unnecessarily stops you from learning.

7) You become selfish – Everything becomes about you, with little regard of those around you.

8) You become nasty – Due to insecurity – People pick up on it pretty quickly and avoid it like the plague.

9) You bring baggage – From a bad day to the way we were brought up. Our past may define us, but our future is a choice we make.

10) It makes life STRESSFUL – It’s no way to live!

Here at Champions Gym we have a zero tolerance for ego. We believe that creating an ego free environment makes it safe for people to learn, grow and excel in their training and we work tirelessly to ensure our club is renowned for it, especially when we are a female friendly club where we boast a 60% lady client base.

We actually have a sign at the entrance which says “Keep Calm & Leave Your Ego At The Door”. This is the first thing that people see when they walk through the door as we believe that if we are clear with our message, it is understood from the get to and the expectation is set. In order to help people become the best versions of themselves we want people to be the truest versions of themselves, transparent and open to communicate, discussing faults and feedback.

At Champions Gym we specialise in Boxing, Muay Thai and Strength & Conditioning, you can trust that your coaches have your best interest at heart and you can have the confidence to be yourself. Our club has people from all walks of life and it is the one place where they co-exist in peace.

Our mission is to help people be their best everyday whether it be work, social, family or personal life.

We love it – Our movement #ChampLife embraces the five pillars of success which include Training, Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition and Community.

Take the first step to becoming your best today – Click Here to Get Started!

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To understand the answer to this you have to step inside the mind of a bully. You have to look at their past and why they’ve become the person that they are. Bullies, like most people, can change their ways.

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