26 years old, Dental Assistant at Dental Health Services

“I started training at Champions Gym in June of 2015. Doing two or three boxing classes a week. Anyone that knew me growing up knew I was the least athletic person on the planet and the thought of exercise was a scary one for me.

The coaches and people who train at Champions made it a really comfortable place to be. I really struggled through classes at first but kept coming back and quickly started to notice the changes in myself. I wasn’t feeling so out of breath, I was able to get through a whole round of skipping and I was feeling stronger. I had setbacks like injuries but the coaches were so supportive and would give me other things I could do instead.

This year I have stepped up my training to 4 to 5 times a week and am aiming to do even more. I’ve found a workout I really love in boxing and am planning on starting Muay Thai and strength and conditioning as a goal this year.I’ve lost 12kgs since starting at Champions Gym, but more importantly it’s really increased my confidence in myself because I never realised I had the potential to do something like this.”



39 years old, Construction Manager

“I was a regular blood donor, until one day they refused to take my blood. They gave me some bad news – Heading to Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and classified as obese and for them to even consider my blood donation; I had to make a change. I was also starving myself on shakes and not eating enough, feeling too overwhelmed to even my weight loss journey. Six moths down the track and I have enjoyed boxing and weight lifting and am almost 30 kilograms lighter!




31 years old, Laboratory Technician at PathWest

“I’d spent a good chunk of my life neglecting my health and my confidence had really started to deteriorate especially after turning 30. Ive been with Champions Gym for over a year now. Fit Body Bootcamp has provided amazing classes that keep me motivated mixing it up with weights, boxing and cardio. I really love coming to the classes. The trainers are supportive and encouraging with emphasis on technique. Committing to 3 classes a week Ive never felt stronger and more confident. Its really a great way to de-stress, unwind and feel ready to take on the days work.”



29 years old, Registered Nurse

“The vibe at Champions Gym is very friendly and welcoming. The coaches are passionate, approachable, and will motivate you to improve your technique and fitness. I partake in boxing and Muay Thai classes, and am happy to vouch for the benefits of training to fight. It’s a great form of functional exercise, and you can develop meaningful goals to work towards.



29 years old, Engineer

“When I joined Champions Gym in 2015 I had no prior boxing or martial arts experience. My first boxing session was incredibly hard, challenging me both mentally and physically but it was also incredibly enjoyable. The coaches challenge you every session and are always happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with helpful advice. I now attend 3-4 boxing/boxing for fitness sessions/week and have seen my strength and fitness levels improve. I look forward to continuing the journey with the Champions Gym team.”



“Describing our training environment is akin to putting words to an extraordinary experience – Rarely do the sentiments give justice to the reality. While the tangible qualities are easily defined, the intangible differences that set Champions apart from others I’ve trained at, are more difficult to describe but nonetheless very real. For example, half an hour after a brutally good Strength and Conditioning class, you’re itching to go back for another.

Same with an engaging Boxing session – The sweat hasn’t yet dried, and already the mental shadow boxing has begun. While the drive for tomorrow’s class is from within, the motivation comes directly from the gyms environment and coaching staff. For the Champions Gym instructors, the classes are clearly taken personally – They invest themselves in you and your results, and know how to bring them forth. They see things in you that you don’t, and push to limits that weren’t thought possible, all the while ensuring that those endeavours are within your capabilities. The coach staff are highly skilled, and their depth of experience brings out our best, all the while tailoring their encouragement to the individual.

Whether it’s positive reinforcement of a well executed punch combination, or a firm push for the last reps in a set, it’s delivered with professionalism and sincerity- for our trainers this isn’t merely a job, but a passion. And it’s this passion, professionalism, experience, skill, investment, intuition, and motivation, that sets Champions Gym apart.”



“For years I was embarrassed by my weight, not having the courage or motivation to do anything about it. Finally I said “enough is enough!”. I joined Champions Gym after months of contemplation. From my very first class I have felt welcomed, comfortable and have had full support from the trainers and other girls. I’ve never walked away from a gym feeling as good as I do walking out of bootcamp, happy, proud and satisfied with my achievement for the day. I’ve now lost 15kgs this year – My only regret is not joining sooner!”



34 years old, Lawyer at Vitalis Legal

“I have tried outdoor boot camps, gym classes, and boxing classes, but nothing compares to the Fit Body Boot Camp at Champions Gym. Since joining Champions Gym, in a short space of time I have lost weight, seen a significant improvement in my overall body shape and tone, and have increased my strength and fitness. The classes are designed for women, high intensity, full of variety, challenging, but most importantly fun. The Champions trainers really invest in each of their members and go above and beyond”.



27 years old, Physicist

“It’s been a pleasure training with the guys at Champions Gym – A fantastic gym with a great astmosphere and excellent trainers! Definitely got a winning formula and wish you and the rest of the guys every success!”



26 years old, Human Resources at Fortescue Metals Group Limited

“I’ve always loved being at Champions Gym, whether I was engaging in PT or martial arts, so when I found myself recovering from a spinal injury and looking for a safe, supportive place to get moving again, Fit Body Boot Camp was the obvious option. Being a part of the group keeps me accountable and motivated to reach my goals in both fitness and nutrition. Fit Body Boot Camp is somewhere I am able to increase my strength and mobility at my own pace, while constantly being challenged in a creative and constructive way.”



29 years old, Engineer at SVT Engineering Consultants

“I won the 2015 Biggest Loser 8 Week Challenge comp at Champions Gym. Over 8 weeks with training and eating the right things I lost 9.4 kilograms and a total of 6% body fat beating the other 24 contestants in the men’s division. I attribute my successes to the Boxing and Strength & Conditioning classes where I trained twice a day, four times a week. A huge thank you to Champions Gym!”



28 years old, Entrepreneur

“I started training to get more fit and to be in shape i use to be 84kg and after 4 months i became 74kg. Being surrounded by great coaches that also compete in different competitions encouraged me to train harder and get better every day to try to compete myself. I quit smoking which was a huge achievement for me and my family and then i started to train to prepare for my first boxing fight being with great coaches and experience fighters in the gym helped a lot to improve my skills and built my confidence. I won my debut bout which was an incredible experience!”




Public Relations at St Vincent De Paul Society

“In November 2013, a colleague suggested I join her at the Champions Gym ‘Ladies Fit Body Boot Camp’. The offer came at a time where my weight had plateaued and I was feeling sluggish. Bored with my local gym’s stock standard cardio/weights machines and Les Mills classes, I decided to step up to the challenge. In the first 3 weeks at Champions, I lost around 3kgs, toned up, gained strength, energy and confidence”.



26 years old, Business Development Manager at DIAGEO

“When I first joined Champions Gym, I was tipping the scales at close to 110KG. Though I’m pretty largely built, I’ll openly admit that most of the weight was not muscle but in fact fat. Training regularly up to 4 times a week at Champions Gym, I managed to get down as low as 88KG after 12 months. Exercising no longer feel like a chore to me anymore, as I absolutely love the BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai classes offered at Champions Gym, and cannot wait to finish work to start rolling on the mats and hitting the pads.”



Peh See

31 years old, Consultant at Bankwest

“I initially joined Champions Gym to get fit and lose a few kilos. I have lost about 5kgs to date and am loving my new level of fitness. I also wanted to learn different martial arts, and having the chance to learn Muay Thai and MMA has given me a new level of overall confidence. The gym family is also such a fun and supportive family and are always there to help achieve your fitness goals!”



22 years old, Administration Assistant at Western Resource Recovery

“I feel I have become physically and mentally stronger. I was really nervous about starting out a new gym but after the first class you can see just how welcoming and friendly everyone is. Champions has become like my second home and I couldn’t imagine ending my day any differently than smashing out a class!”



28 years old, Heavy Diesel Mechanic

“Since moving back to Perth (from up north) I heard that Pamorn had started a new gym. To me that meant joining a gym with a fresh start. When starting out new I didn’t feel intimidated like other gyms with all the elite fighters standing around, instead the atmosphere was comfortable, friendly and welcoming. I’m so glad to be a part of the club. As long as I am in Perth, Champions will always be a second home to me.”



25 years old, Personal Assistant for Project Administrator at BHP Billiton

“After returning from Contiki Tour 2012 in Europe and seeing the results my sister had from training I just had to give it a go. Training group classes 3-4 days a week, personal training a few times week & having a balanced diet I have now lost 20 kilos!”



31 years old, Accountant at Lawrence Business Management

“In the past 3 months (including being off sick for about 1 month) I have lost 5.5kgs, toned up & am fitting back into my clothes again!!! The classes are great, lots of variety which keeps me interested & it’s fun (running on a treadmill is just boring!). I feel great after the classes, like I’ve actually had a decent workout & feels like its made a difference. My motivation has increased dramatically & I feel stronger & healthier.”



25 years old, Project Administrator at Rio Tinto

“When I first started training I lost 11 kilos within the first 6 months! The classes attributed to my success were Ladies Kick Fitness & Muay Thai. Not only were they challenging and motivating but were also great for strength and fitness as well as working on technique.

Physically; I find myself fitter and eating healthier to maintain my results & Mentally; I find training very therapeutic and I love going to the gym after a hard day at work to relieve some stress. It’s a really friendly environment, a lot of fun, and most importantly a great fitness workout.”



26 years old, Project Engineer at Fluor Pty Ltd

“Since starting in February 2012 after being referred by a friend, I’ve really enjoyed every aspect of Champions Gym. I had always wanted to get into more technical and serious training in boxing, and have a go at Muay Thai as well as MMA.

The quality of tuition the trainers provide is excellent, both based on their experience as well as the friendly and helpful nature that training is conducted in. Aside from the pure training, the social environment inside and outside of Champions Gym really creates a great atmosphere.”



22 years old, Electrician at Lunar Electrical

“Since starting training I have become a lot stronger and fitter, I’ve lost weight fast and I’ve met a great group of people who are interested in the same stuff as me. I really enjoy all the classes and look forward to training… It’s not a chore to drive in peak hour traffic to get there, because I know I’m going to get the work out I came for! – If I don’t train for a week I feel as though I become frustrated from stress at work and need to train to get it all out.”



22 years old, Custodial Officer at Serco

“I feel better about myself as a whole I feel stronger fitter and more capable & I have found that my martial skills have improved greatly and last but not least I have found a gym were the people feel genuine and make u feel at home so you want to train hard and keep coming back.”